History and Rationale

I am Samanta S. Ribary and I was born in Ecuador.  I was abandoned by my biological parents and was found when I was 2 months old. The following 8 months, I spent at the orphanage "Hogar Santa Marianita" in Ambato, Ecuador. At the age of 10 months I was adopted by my Swiss-American parents Evelyne and Urs Ribary. Since then I have been living with my mommy and daddy in North America.
I appreciate having the opportunity to grow up in a real family, to learn about love and respect and to eventually choose an education to realize my own dreams. Unfortunately, my brothers and sisters are left behind at the orphanages, some of them will hopefully be placed in a loving family somewhere around the world, but some of them will never find a family and stay at the orphanage up to an age of 15-18 years old. They will probably never receive a proper education. 
So, my parents, being fascinated by my appreciation and positive spirit, had the idea to take some of this positive energy and return it to all the children at all the orphanages and actually help them. The Foundation's efforts will be dedicated in my name. It is my parents highest concern that the administrational costs will be kept minimal, so that the children will benefit nearly 100% of all funds raised.


              Samanta S. Ribary age 1 summer 2001

Summer 2001

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